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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or alone?  You want to believe things can get better but you're not sure how and you don't know where to start.    

Perhaps you are in a relationship where the connection is lost.  One parter is constantly critical and the other just goes away to avoid fighting.  You want to learn to communicate.  To know that your partner is there for you.       


You have come to the right place!  Deciding to seek therapy can be scary.  You want a therapist that you can feel free to be yourself with.  One that listens and validates you but also challenges you a bit.  You want to be heard and you want to be seen. You are ready for things to be different. Check out my specialties to see how I can help you on your whole health journey.

Meet Melissa

Who am I and how do I work?


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How I can Help

Depression and Anxiety


Do you feel unmotivated? Empty or alone? Maybe feelings of fear and anxiety keep you from doing what you want, but therapy can help you gain control over your life again.  

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Relationship Counseling


Does it feel like you have lost the connection that you once had? Do interactions turn to conflict almost all the time?  Couples counseling can help you get connected again.   

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Clinical Supervision


Are you a Licensed Social Worker looking for clinical supervision?  I am an approved supervisor that will provide you with what you need to grow your skillset and start your own private practice.  

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Women's Health


"Focus on me?  I don't know how!" It's time to practice self-care and use the safe space of therapy to process all that you have on your plate.  

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Are you a teen or are you seeking help for your teen?  It's a tough life stage and you've come to the right place for help and understanding.  

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Often there is great shame with substance use and problematic behaviors.  I can give you a safe space to talk about what you have been going through.  

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A Holistic Approach to Therapy

Emotional Health

Taking care of our emotional health is key for growth.  Sometimes we don't know what we feel and sometimes we are overtaken by our feelings.  You need to talk about these things with a therapist you can connect with and learn coping skills- actual tools you can use in times of stress.  


Physical Health

Many people experience a distorted view of their body and or a difficult relationship with food.  These things can become the barriers that prevent you from achieving whole-body wellness.  Let's talk about how to switch focus off of diet mentality and on to body acceptance.  


Spiritual Health

Having a sense of purpose and meaning in life cannot be underestimated.  Research shows that a strong sense of spirituality is associated with better overall health.  Cultivating compassion, love, and forgiveness can lead you to live a life that aligns with your values.   

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Melissa Parks Health Services, LLC

7511 Saint Andrews Road Suite 4, Irmo, South Carolina 29063, United States


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